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Rick Warren Endorses Cardinal Timothy Dolan's eBook on Defending Religious Freedom

Dr. Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church, and Author of The Purpose Driven Life strongly endorses the new eBook by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, saying:

"Religious liberty is America's FIRST freedom! It's the first phrase of the First Amendment, listed BEFORE freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom to petition. I would have never imagined that our first freedom would be as attacked as it is today, but we now see our freedom being threatened on every front. That makes this book absolutely vital reading for every American. No leader is better qualified to speak to this issue with more integrity and courage than Cardinal Tim Dolan, and he speaks for all of us. I stand in full solidarity with the message of this desperately needed tract for our times. May millions be warned and respond before it is too late."

We encourage you to download this short (under 40 pages) eBook, read and respond to it. It is available now from most eBook retailers.

About the Book:

In conjunction with the U.S. bishops' call for Christians and others to protest President Obama's health care mandate for contraception and other policies they deem threaten religious freedom, our sister imprint, Image Books, recently released an eBook by Cardinal Timothy Dolan titled True Freedom: On Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Liberty. In this conscise and powerful message, Cardinal Dolan writes: "In only the last few years we've experienced rampant disregard for religious beliefs in this country with the approval of embryonic stem cell research; legal justification for the torture of prisoners; the provision of tax dollars to abortion providers; the HHS mandates; and, most recently, a redefinition of marriage by many of our leading political figures. We can see that there is a loss of a sense of truth here, and objective moral norms -- rules of conduct that apply always, to everyone, everywhere -- and an ‘eclipse of a sense of God and of man'." Cardinal Dolan issues a plea for all citizens to reject the cynicism of the day and foster a culture in which religious freedom and all human life are infinitely valued.

"This is not a Catholic issue. This is not a Jewish issue. This is not an Orthodox, Mormon, or Muslim issue. It is an American issue," the bishops said in a statement.

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