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>> Challenging the Gospel of "Cheap Grace"
"Behold," Jesus proclaims, "I stand at the door and knock." You may have already met him at the door…but do you truly know him? Have you been transformed by His furious, passionate, unexplainable love? Join Brennan Manning, the bestselling author of The Ragamuffin Gospel, on a personal journey to experience Christ's love and live with His passion.

The Signature of Jesus challenges the gospel of "cheap grace" and calls the church to radical discipleship. With passion and boldness, author Brennan Manning invites readers to risk living life as Jesus lived—committed to simplicity, purity of heart, and obedience to the gospel.

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>> Author Spotlight: Brennan Manning
Brennan Manning is a Korean War veteran and former Franciscan priest who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. A native of Brooklyn, Manning earned degrees in philosophy from St. Francis College and in theology from St. Francis Seminary. His books include The Signature of Jesus and The Ragamuffin Gospel. Manning continues to write and preach, encouraging men and women everywhere to accept and embrace the good news of God's unconditional love in Jesus Christ.
>> Featured Devotional (Brought to You by Inspired)
A Cycle of Grace

...thinking about something, making a commitment to change, failing in the commitment, making a new commitment to change, failing again ... On and on the cycle goes. Fortunately for all of us, God is very, very patient. He will continue calling to us, He will shout when He must, and He will always welcome us back with loving, nonjudgmental arms.

Excerpted from To Heaven and Back by Mary C. Neal, MD

Daily Reflection:

How have you experienced the cycle of God's grace and unending love?

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>> Fresh Books for your Spiritual Walk

God's Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More
Available August 21, 2012

In A Sudden Glory, Sharon uses Scripture and story to help you erase the line between your "spiritual life" and your "daily life" as you enter the sanctuary of God's presence even in the middle of your busy, messy day. Here you will find your eyes opened to moments of sudden glory in which the Creator assures you of His love as you live and move and have your being in Him. Here you will discover true freedom—the freedom of experiencing God in a deeper and more intimate way than ever before.
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Life Lessons from Pets and Wildlife
Available August 21, 2012

God of All Creation recounts how a miniature dachshund taught her owner, James Robison, profound insights about life, faith, and God's care for all of His creation. A devoted dog lover and co-host of the television program Life Today, James shares how the antics of his own dog, Princess, as well as observations from all animals in creation, reveal "expressions of God's love, lessons of His grace, warnings about sin, and other eternal truths."
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Transform Your World, One Small Risk at a Time
Available August 21, 2012

In Spark, Jason Jaggard explains a simple, direct way to practice the art of self-challenge. It requires a willingness to take healthy risks and is energized by the involvement of a small group of fellow risk-takers. Here you will see that taking a healthy risk is always worth it, even if you fail.
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