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>> God is looking for ordinary people to play significant roles in His Story

Our God is more expansive and powerful than we could ever imagine, the all-mighty creator of galaxies beyond our reach. But He is also the loving creator who has formed and fashioned you.  Yet, as valuable as you are to Him, God's best for your life is to invite you into a story that is all about Him.

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>> Author Spotlight: Louie Giglio

LOUIE GIGLIO is the pastor of Passion City Church ( and founder of The Passion Movement (, a ministry with a global reach that has inspired this generation of college-aged young people to live for God's fame. Louie is the author of I Am Not, But I Know I Am, Indescribable, The Air I Breathe and Wired: For a Life of Worship. With his wife, Shelley, he leads the music label, sixstepsrecords ( The Giglios live in Atlanta.

>> Featured Devotional (Brought to You by Inspired)
Release and Follow Him

Do you ever find yourself clinging to the pencil, refusing to let God write on the pages of your life? I've discovered that the Lord is infinitely kind and patient in His dealings with us. He will show us how to relinquish our rights for His best. If you're struggling in this area, maybe these steps will help you:

  1. Ask God to make you willing. Sometimes this is the necessary first step. If you just can't muster up the willingness to surrender control to God, then pray first for a change of attitude, asking for a willingness to be willing.
  2. Recognize you have an adversary. The last thing Satan wants is for you to totally surrender your life to God. Pray for the wisdom and strength not to listen to his lies. Then pick up 'the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God" (Ephesians 6:17) and battle those lies with truth.
  3. Let go, one piece at a time. Sometimes we cling to control because we fear we'll be asked to make drastic changes we're not ready for. But God, in His kindness, takes us at a pace we can handle. If we will obey what He asks of us at the moment, He'll lead us to the next step when we need to take it."

Excerpted from At the Feet of Jesus by Joanna Weaver

Daily Reflection: How can you grow as a child of God by releasing control and following God's path this year?
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>> Fresh Books for your Spiritual Walk

You were made for more than serving God; you were made to know Him.

Intimacy with God—to know Him and be known by Him. It is what our hearts desperately need, but somehow life conspires to keep us busy and distracted. 
For anyone who struggles when it comes to daily devotions, At the Feet of Jesus extends an irresistible invitation to set aside your duties and find the amazing peace and incredible joy that come from time alone with Him. Drawn from Joanna Weaver's beloved Bethany trilogy, each reading in this 365-day devotional includes a Bible reading passage and reflection question. All-new material and 'Going Deeper" sidebars are also woven throughout. [Read More]

A day-by-day prayer excursion toward God's heart.

Why does prayer matter in your day-to-day life? In a time and age where many have reduced prayer and God Himself to the 'Great Vending Machine in the Sky," Germaine stresses that the primary goal of prayer is unbroken fellowship with the eternal God of heaven and earth. 365 Days to a Prayer-Filled Life will encourage you to dig deeper and gain a stronger understanding of the purpose of prayer by unpacking core Biblical themes such as joy, unity, spiritual gifts, overcoming fear, the Holy Spirit, walking in love, and the power of words. Each day's entry includes a Biblically informed message, a Scripture-based prayer, and a suggested Bible reading.
[Read More]

Daily Assurance in the Face of Life's Hardest Struggles

When life throws challenges at us, our view of God's presence can become cloudy. If God is good, why is there so much evil and suffering? In times of hardship, it's easy to lose sight of God's purpose, goodness, and love. 

90 Days of God's Goodness
 helps disperse the fog—little by little, discovery by discovery, day by day. Through these thoughtful, inspiring devotional readings, bestselling author Randy Alcorn brings clarity to the question of God's goodness. 
[Read More]

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