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Transforming Your Life Takes Risk
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Tired of dreaming about changing your life? Ready to change it? You came to the right place. Jason Jaggard has developed a simple, direct way to practice the art of self-challenge. It requires a willingness to take healthy risks and is energized by the involvement of a small group of fellow risk-takers.
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Have you thought about grace today? With Liz Curtis Higgs: 

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Coming Soon: Upside-Down Prayers for Parents
Available February 19, 2012

What if we didn’t just pray for God to protect our child? What if we prayed, Lord, mold this child into the person you designed him to be. Whatever it takes. I trust you with his present and his future through even the hardest circumstances. It’s our instinct as parents to shield our children from harm. But our true responsibility is to raise children equipped to live well for God even in the midst of struggle.

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  1. Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic
  1. Radical by David Platt
  1. What's Really Holding You Back by Valorie Burton

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