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Novel Crossing

Welcome to! We're so glad you've joined!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to ask for your help as we work to fine-tune the website in the coming weeks during our soft launch. If you...

  • See an issue, bug or something that could be improved upon, would you report it to us?
  • Notice any Christian fiction authors or books missing, or if you see a book in a genre page that shouldn't be there (IE Historical Romance, Fiction For Men, Mystery) would you let us know so we can be sure to add them?
  • If you have any reviews you've written for your blog or on a retailer website, would you be willing to add them on Novel Crossing under our reviews page?

Your friends,

Shannon Marchese
Editorial/Writing for Novel Crossing

Amy Haddock
Marketing/Advertising on Novel Crossing

Chris Sigfrids
Web/Making Stuff Work on Novel Crossing