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In Radical Together, Platt shares six foundational ideas that fuel radical obedience among Christians in the church. Here's a preview:

  • One of the worst
    enemies of Christians
    can be good things in
    the church.
  • The gospel that saves
    us from work saves us
    to work.
  • The Word does the
  • Building the right
    church depends on
    using all the wrong
  • We are living-and
    longing-for the end
    of the world.
  • We are selfless
    followers of a self-
    centered God.
In Radical, David Platt illustrates how the values of contemporary evangelical churches have been fatally skewed by culturally popular but unbiblical assumptions. What's called for, argues Platt, is a fundamental reconsideration of what it means for individuals and communities to follow Christ.

Now in Radical Together, Platt broadens his challenge to the church: unite around a gospel-centered vision and unleash the people of God in the church to carry out the purpose of God in the world.
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