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Q Conversation: Live Webcast with Tim Keller and Gabe Lyons

Join Gabe Lyons & Tim Keller
February 17th 2 PM ET



*FREE* Every person participating in the webcast will be able to download a FREE Church Leaders Guide. Many church leaders are searching for answers on how to connect with the next generation. Gabe Lyons' Church Leaders Guide to The Next Christians gives valuable insights into the six ways younger Christians are motivated by their faith to engage the world. The leaders who understand these characteristics will lead the charge in capturing the energy and optimism of the next iteration of Christ followers in our world. 

*WIN* Be one of 10 participants to win a FREE copy of The Next Christians and The Next Christians Pack: Following Jesus in a Post-Christian Culture Valued at over $50.

*GO* HERE and enter the contest code: LYONSLIVE to be entered to win.

In this six-session video curriculum, Gabe Lyons looks ahead over the next century to how Christians can and must adapt to a new way of living their faith. Explore how followers of Jesus can recover their core identity while faithfully navigating our unprecedented, post-Christian culture.

About the Author: Gabe Lyons is author of The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America and founder of Q (, a learning community that seeks to promote the common good. He is also co-author of Unchristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity and Why It Matters, a bestselling book based on original research that revealed the pervasiveness of pop culture's negative perceptions of Christians. As a respected voice for a new generation of Christians, he has been interviewed by CNN, the New York Times, Newsweek, Fox News, USA Today, and countless other media outlets.



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3) Gabe will chat with Tim Keller for a few minutes about his book, The Next Christians and then take your questions via the chat room that's to the right of the video player.

4) If you missed the broadcast you can always watch the "On Demand" version here:

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