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Read Chapter One of "The Charlatan's Boy"
Tandem by Tracey Bateman
Two Ticket to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul
Sir Quinlan by Chuck Black
Sir Rowan by Chuck Black
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Download Chapter One
Download Chapter One
Two women brought together by questions that seem to have no answers. Can they overcome the loss and darkness threatening to devour them - or will their own demons condemn them to an emotional wasteland? With warmth, humor and a healthy dose of old-fashioned romance, Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball is the story of two unlikely people finding love, thanks to determined matchmaking booksellers. Two best friends are called into duty for the Prince, but only one has the courage to follow. Can Quinlan overcome distrust and his own limitations to bring the Valor Knights back together? The Dark Knight, deceptive and proud, is determined to destroy Cameria from within, but one young man will learn the power of humility and deliver truth to his people.
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By Tracey Bateman

"Smoke leaks into my hiding place, burning my lungs. I want to cough, but they'll find me if I do. Oh, God, don't let them find me. I'm curled into a ball, tucked into a space too small for my nearly-grown girlish body. My cramped muscles beg for release, but fear holds me tight. One way or another, I will not live through this awful night."
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Tandem by Tracey Bateman

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This Month's Feature:
Tandem by Tracey Bateman

Lauryn McBride is grateful for the opportunity to save her family's business from bankruptcy by overseeing an auction in Abbey Hills. But the arrival of a peculiar woman and the return of a former almost love draws her attention away from her singular goal of protecting her aging father. When signs emerge indicting that ritualistic murders have returned to Ozarks, Lauryn is pulled into a battle against an ancient evil.

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