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Scent of Cherry Blossoms
Not This Time
Dragons of the Watch

Vivian’s looking for a fresh start. But between the lies about her past and the lies about the present, there’s no room for grace—from her sisters, or anyone else.

Architect Bethany Quinn is comfortable being the creator, but not acknowledging one. So when tragedy takes her back home, can she keep avoiding the God of her childhood? Young widow Corrie Saunders desperately clings to the past, but finds that letting go of it is the only way to overcome the darkness invading her life.
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Looking for the perfect summer read? We’ve got some pretty amazing suggestions!
Wildflowers from Winter
by Katie Ganshert

Do you know the harshest, snowiest winters produce some of the prettiest wildflowers in the spring? What a beautiful picture of how God uses the hard times in our lives to produce something beautiful in us. [Read More]
Redeeming Love The Harvest of Grace The Crossing The Crossing The Harvest of Grace
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Redeeming Love A Kingsbury Collection The Crossing The Harvest of Grace Redeeming Love
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