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Eye-opening Research • Insight • Hope

…that transform lives and relationships at home and in the workplace

• Understanding The Secrets of Men
• Putting "Happily" Back in Ever After
• Insights for Healthy Teen Relationships
• Unraveling the Mystery of Teens
• Keys to Biblical Life Balance for Modern Women
• Finding Satisfaction in God Alone (for young women)
• Unwritten Rules for Women and Men in the Workplace

Topics will be customized for your event or theme.

Presentation Highlights:

Shaunti's down-to-earth style, compelling revelations and post-event word of mouth make her a popular speaker for–

• Women's events
• Couples' conferences (Jeff Feldhahn available on request)
• Youth seminars
• Parenting events
• Singles events
• Church services (pastoral interviews)
• Workplace/leadership talks

Shaunti has been featured in national media as diverse as The Today Show,
Focus on the Family, The New York Times, MomLife Today, Cosmo,
and Lifeway's Living With Teenagers magazine.
Shaunti eagerly awaits an event with you!
For faster response, contact Naomi Duncan | (615) 300-4837

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