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Life is precious – and it goes so fast.


The truth is, there’s no time to waste – yet so often, we do waste time. But what if you starting living like you only had one month to live? How would that change your life today? One Month to Live: 30-Days to a No-Regrets Life will help you live each day to its fullest.

Now in paperback, this edition includes new inspiring stories of changes lives.

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The gospel is nothing without relationship. And no one gets it like the Google Generation.

God came to earth to invite us, personally, into a relationship. And while Christians at times downplay relationships, the social-media generation is completely sold on the idea. In Viral, Leonard Sweet says Christians need to learn about connecting with others from the experts—those who can’t seem to stop texting, IM-ing, tweeting, and updating their Facebook statuses. What would happen, he asks, if Christians devoted less attention to strategies and statistics and paid more attention to pursuing relationships?


Turn your purpose-driven life into a mission-accomplished life


Jesus was the only person in history who did everything right—not only in saving the world but also in daily life. He brought significance into everything he did, and by following his example we can learn to live the same way. Jesus was the greatest leader and the most influential person ever.
His manner and methods will show you how to accomplish every mission you pursue and how to succeed in ways that honor God. Jesus’ life gives you a model for success with significance that never has been equaled.
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