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Did you know that Blogging for Books is giving out a Kindle, eReader or Nook in the month of December? We're also giving away $1,000 in January 2012 to the best overall blogger and highest ranked individual blog review for 2011. To top it off, we also give out prizes at random month-to-month for the top review by category and for the most thoughtful and inspiring book review.

By now you should be asking, "How exactly does the ranking work?"

Good question! Here is the answer (this gets a little long, but hang in there...it's worth it).

There are two main categories by which we score things: By review and by overall reviews. Let’s look at how we rank a review first.

How Individual Reviews Are Ranked...
When you post a review people can rank the quality of your review. They can give it 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars. Each star is worth 1 point. If one person ranked your review and gave it five stars, you have five points towards that review. If 10 people ranked your review and they all gave it one star you would have 10 points towards that review. People can only rank your review once per ISP.

How Your Overall Blogger Ranking is Configured...
You now know how individual reviews are ranked (see “How Individual Reviews Are Ranked above). Let’s say you placed 10 separate reviews on the Blogging for Books site. Each review was ranked and given 50 points each. You therefore have 500 points towards your overall blogger ranking. We take into account these three things (in order of priority) when determining your overall score:

#1 – Score for all active reviews (deleted or suspended reviews do not count toward your overall score)
#2 – The number of reviews you’ve posted
#3 – The date at which you joined the Blogging for Books program

The first number is really the one that matters most. The more points you have the higher your ranking. The second is important too, but if you posted 10 reviews and had 500 points and someone else posted 1 review and had 600 points, that person would be beating you. That said, you’re more likely to have a higher ranking if you post more reviews. The third is really more of a tie breaker. If you’re serious about winning prizes and becoming a top Blogging for Books blogger you really only need to do two things: First, you need to post quality reviews and get as many people to rank them as possible. Secondly, you need to post as many reviews as you can.

Tips for Getting Higher Rankings (and thus winning prizes!)

Tip #1 – Post quality reviews. If your reviews are not thoughtful or original, you’re not going to get much attention.

Tip #2 – Post as many reviews as you can. You can post a review on any WaterBrook Multnomah title at any time by logging in, clicking “post a review” and then entering the 13-digit ISBN in the “ISBN” form (remember not to add any spaces or dashes to the ISBN when entering it in the form field).

Tip #3 - Use the “Get Code” feature to embed the ranking tool on your blog or web site. This allows others to rank your review directly from your blog or web site and thus grabbing you more rankings. This tool is available under the “manage reviews” section when you are logged in.

Tip #4 – Email your friends and ask them to read your review and rank it.

Tip #5 – Post about your reviews on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and any other social networking site you’re apart of.

Tip #6 – Keep an eye on the top bloggers through the Blogging for Books Wall of Fame page and watch what they do to get higher rankings. Steal their ideas and make them your own!

Remember - we're always here to help and you can email us with any questions, comments, suggestions or eStarbucks gift cards (jk)! We're around Monday through Friday 8-5 MST.

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