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In this Update: Theater Shooting Apology

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July 20, 2012

Dear *|FNAME|*,

I sent an email this morning outlining how I woke up and learned of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. I'm sorry if I released that email too early. I literally was driving into work listing the the radio, struggling to make sense of what had happened and thinking and praying through what the appropriate response to this situation is.

I got to work and went to my bookshelves and found Randy's book, If God Is Good. I had read it a couple years ago and went through the table of contents to find chapter four. It gave me personal encouragement and I thought it might encourage others….thus why I composed an email to you this morning.

I wanted to extend the chapter I had read to you knowing that many of you are pastors and ministers and might share it with others. My intention was that the chapter would help those who may have been wrestling with the same questions I was this morning.

Some of you emailed me to let me know you were thankful for the chapter. Some of you emailed me angry that I might be trying to just market Randy's book.

Looking back, I could have reworded some things. I could have said things differently.

Was my heart to try and sell a bunch of books using this senseless violence? Absolutely not.

My heart was simply to encourage others. I wanted to DO something about this senseless act, and this is what I thought I could do…something I could contribute,. A way to reach out and be an encourager.

If I offended you in any way, I deeply apologize.

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