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In this Update: No Blog Required

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January 31, 2012


We're writing to you today because it looks like you haven't posted a review in Blogging for Books yet.

If that's because you just signed up, you can ignore the rest of this email.

If it's because you're super on.

Did you know that, as a church leader, retailer, ministry leader or librarian, you're not required to have a blog in order to participate in Blogging for Books? That's right, the only requirement for receiving free books is that you post a review on after you read your book.

If you haven't requested a book, you can request one today at

If you've requested a book and are working on finishing that book, now's a good time to pick that book back up, finish it, post a short review, and choose another book! If you find you just can't finish the book you're currently working on, please write a review the portion you did read and choose your next review copy.

If you can't remember what book you requested, simply log on to your Blogging for Books account and when you log in the system tells you what book you last requested.

Questions? We're here to help! Email us at

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