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May 5, 2011

Dear Bloggers...

A few important updates...

Why so few titles in the Blogging for Books Program?

Many of you have been asking why there are so few titles to choose from of late. Good question! The Blogging for Books program has more than 6,300 bloggers now signed up (wow!). While we're excited about the popularity of the program, we're also trying to figure out how to get a limited amount of review copies out to so many bloggers.

We're working towards a long-term solution. In the meantime some (not all) of our books are requiring a minimum overall review ranking of 50 points. This is the only way we can think of (for now) to get books into the hands of our most active bloggers.

As a reminder...for each review that is ranked you get one point for each star. If 10 people gave your review 5 stars each, you would have 50 points.

I Want to Get My Reviews Re-Ranked...But There's a Problem...

When we made changes to the Blogging for Books review ranking system earlier this week, we cleared out all rankings of reviews because of recent...let's say...less than ethical behavior on the part of a handful of bloggers. Naturally, those of you who are stand-up, honest bloggers went back to your friends and asked them to re-rank your reviews. One problem: The site had cookied your friend's computers and they were not able to re-rank your review using the new system. Hmmm.

We talked with our developers and they have devised a fix. The fix should be in place by tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. We'll announce when the fix is rolled out on the BFB Facebook page.

Review Ranking Changes - Survey

Don't forget...share your thoughts about the recent review ranking changes here. So far, 62% of you have told us you like the change, 33% say time will tell and 5% of you did not like the changes. Thanks to everyone who took the survey or emailed us with thoughts, comments and suggestions...we appreciate it!

Review Ranking Changes - Gaming the New System?

Many of you (when you filled out our survey) said you were concerned that people could game this new system just like the old one. We won't get into the long, boring logistics, but...we want you to know that we worked diligently with our developers to create a secure system that does not allow for any monkey business (why do monkey's get such a bad rap?). We are confident that this new system will create a level playing field and encourage you to give it a shot. Be sure to check the Blogging Wall of Fame page to see how you're stacking up.

Remember, bloggers with higher overall rankings not only can win cool prizes...they also get the first pick of the book litter!

May Contests

Blogging for Books - May Contests - WIn a Netbook or Spa Package!

This month's top ranked Blogging for Books review wins a Toshiba Netbook. The highest quality Blogging for Books review in the Family Life/Moms category wins a Spa Package (Happy Mother's Day Mom's!).

We'll choose the highest ranked review based on all reviews posted in the month of May. You can track the leaders on the Blogging for Books Wall of Fame page.

We'll choose the highest quality review based on all Mom's reviews.

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Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? Reach out to Chris and Ashley at (now that is what I call a long email address!).

Thanks for being a part of Blogging for Books!

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