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Blogger Snapshot
November, 2011

Katie McCurdy - Legacy of a Writer

In our third installment of Blogger Snapshot we asked teen Blogging for Books blogger, Katie McCurdy, to tell us about her blog, her readers and her life...

Q: How did you come to start your blog?
A: Originally, I began it to keep my friends up to date on my writing life (I am an aspiring author). But it didn't take too many months for me to get the "blogging bug"! Since I love anything connected to books, that's what I began to blog about.

Q: At what age did you start blogging?
A: *ponders for a few moments* Well, that was at the beginning of 2010, so I would've been 17 at that time.

Q: As a teenager, what do your parents think about your blogging? Have there ever been any concerns?
A: When I first began there was some concerns about me reviewing books, as there are so many books out there not good for a teen to read. But as time went on, and I stayed under their supervision, there concerns were eased and now they are used to hearing me say "I've got a post to write for tomorrow" or "I need to go write up this review". *smile*

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Do you think you've accomplished it?
A: I hope to help promote the good Christian fiction I come across to my friends and followers. And in doing so, I hope to help those authors by getting their books talked about. Have I accomplished this? I really hope so, but I suppose that would be more accurately answered by my readers and authors!

Q: What book has impacted you the most in your life? What specifically about that book made an impact on you?
A: *Thinks hard* Hmm...well, I read mainly fiction, and so many it's hard to keep them all straight at times. But one I read the other week really made me think. It was Kathi Macias' new book, Deliver Me From Evil and it was on the illegal sex slavery that is going on around us. That book is a real eye-opener!

Q: What aspirations do you have?
A: Well as I mentioned above, I am an aspiring author. :-) This past year I've been working on a medieval suspense I hope to complete soon, and then polish up and see if I can find someone to publish it. My biggest goal/dream would be to have my work accepted by one of my favorite publishers.

Q: What other blogs do you read and why?
A: I follow dozens of blogs, but the ones that I regularly read are usually fellow bookworms that blog (like me) and I love to find out what new books they've discovered. But a few are ones directed toward aspiring writers. Here are three of my top favorites...

  1. Seekerville, blog for aspiring authors
  2. Season of Humility, Amber is a fellow bookworm friend of mine
  3. Writing for Christ, Casey is also a fellow bookworm and writer friend of mine

Q: How do you promote your blog or get people to it to read it?
A: I can only do so much in the way of promotion, but I owe a lot of my publicity to the awesome followers who help me spread the word! Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter are great ways to spread the word of what I am posting on my blog or what new giveaway has gone live.

Q: Why did you sign up for Blogging for Books? What do you like about the program?
A: I signed up for B4B because of the chance to review some of your amazing books! I am, through and through, a book-junkie. Every time I hear of a new book coming out, I just want to read it. And the books that become available to review on here are always so great!

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