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June 3, 2011

Dear *|FNAME|*,

I'm looking out the window at a beautiful Colorado Springs day. Here in Colorado...we don't see the color green appear until right about now...and when it shows up, I'm always thankful to see it again!

A few updates from your Blogging for Books friends at WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers...


Congrats to Erin Mifflin. Her review of When the Hurt Runs Deep by Kay Arthur was the highest ranked review in the month of May. Erin won a Toshiba Netbook computer.

Congrats to Tarena Beckham who had the best quality review under the Family Life / Mom's category in the month of May and won a spa package.

Congrats to the following bloggers who submitted their best book review and won a $250 Visa Gift Card...

Aaron Matthews
Ragamuffin Gospel

For starters, we love Aaron's blog design. His review includes an image of the book cover, an embedded YouTube video of Brennan Manning and finally, he used the Blogging for Books "get code" feature to get others to rank his review.

Jeremiah Perdue
Radical Together

We enjoyed how Jeremiah incorporated links to external sources supporting his review. We also appreciate how Jeremiah engaged 100% with the book and did a great job communicating the main threads and takeaways from David Platt's new book, Radical Together.

Renee Smith
When The Hurt Runs Deep

Renee's blog is the perfect example of a book review that is original and unique. Many bloggers start a book review with, "I just read.." or "This is a book review for..."

This may sound weird...but a book review doesn't have to focus on the book. It can be more about discussing the subject matter in the it impacts you, makes you feel or opens you up to something new. That said, we love how Renee tied her review to the book and the author, while keeping her post interesting and thought-provoking. With such a great review, it's no wonder Renee had 49 people leave comments on her blog post.

Melinda Fathel
Redeeming Love

We loved how Melinda embedded the first chapter excerpt using the Scribd embed feature. We also liked how she embedded a link to purchase on a retailer's site.

Chris Collins

We really liked how Chris embedded the video at the top of his review. We also liked that the video was nice and big. Chris' review was also quite unique in the way that he laid it out.


We wanted to let you know that we're fixing an issue with the "get code" feature. Right now when you embed the code, the bottom of it is getting cut off...specifically, the part that has the email address box in it. This will be fixed shortly. In the meantime, you can manually fix the problem by changing this part of the code from this...


to this...



Blogging for Books prizes

This month's prizes:

Top Ranked Review wins a Flip HD Camera

Top "Book Lovers" review wins a $50 Starbucks gift card

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Our developers and IT team just wrapped up an important update to the Blogging for Books program: Making the pages load faster! The Blogging for Books program is a data-rich program...when we first launched the program it was running fine, but the more reviews that were posted, the slower it ran. Our developers figured out what was slowing the site down and applied fixes that have greatly increased how fast pages load on

We hope you have a great June! Thanks for being a Blogging for Books blogger. We appreciate you!

In Christ,

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Ashley Boyer
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