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Before we get into this update, we wanted to let you know that we're rolling out some major changes to the Blogging for Books program. We're excited about these improvements and want to thank every blogger who contributed their input, wisdom and advice. You pushed for these changes and we're pleased to be able to present them to you today.



After months of planning and development we are pleased to announce the addition of eBooks to the Blogging for Books program. There are several things to make you aware of regarding this announcement. Since we're big fans of bullet points, here are the announcements a bulleted list:

  • We have partnered with Above the Treeline / Edelweiss to provide you with eBooks. When you request an eBook, you will receive an email from (be sure to add this email to your safe sender list!) with a link to access/download your eBook. Almost all major eBook device types will be supported.
  • No eReader? No problem! If you do not own an eBook reader, you can still read eBooks on your computer by downloading Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Printed copies will continue to be available, but due to the high volume of bloggers in the program, many (not all) of the printed copies will only be available to bloggers with a minimum review ranking in the 25-150 range. If your overall score is in the 500-1000 range, you will have the option to request an eBook and a printed book. Please note: These ranges are not set in stone and we will sometimes make more printed copies of a specific title available based on a variety of factors. We will, occasionally, continue to offer some printed books to bloggers with no review score as well, but if you're not seeing at least one printed title in the system, it's probably because you need to get some of your reviews ranked.
  • With the exception of the Kindle, there is a 60-day window to read your eBook. Once the 60-day timeframe is up, you will no longer be able to access the eBook on your device. We would grant you more time to read, but the cost for us goes up as Adobe (who handles the hosting on our eBooks) charges us more the longer the book stays on the server. In order to make as many eBooks available to as many bloggers as possible, we had to go with this 60-day limit.
  • Just a heads up - when you log into Blogging for Books next, you should be asked to update some preferences. One of those is whether you prefer print titles or eBooks. Please note, that if you check either one, it doesn't mean you are guaranteed to be offered only that just helps us understand, on the whole, what bloggers are preferring these days.



We were recently chatting with many of you on the Blogging for Books Facebook page when the conversation turned to the subject of the BFB contests. Many of you advised us of your concerns regarding the following: 1) The minimum review ranking requirement and 2) The BFB contests.

We were intrigued to learn through a poll that we took and through a Facebook discussion, that many of you would prefer we either do away with the contests or change them to a system where we choose winners at random, rather than issue prizes based on review scores.

Based on your feedback, and as of this month, we have suspended the monthly and annual Blogging for Books contests. We will now be awarding prizes at random. We'll let you know who received what (and when) via this regular email update and on the Blogging for Books Facebook page.


We are now setting aside free copies of various titles to be given to your blog readers each month. Whenever anyone reads and ranks your review, they will automatically be entered to win a free copy of the book that you reviewed. We will notify both you and your blog reader by email if one of your blog readers is chosen as a winner. We will take care of shipping the books out to winners.

As a reminder, you can use the "Get Code" feature to embed the review ranking tool directly on your blog. For a tutorial on using the get code feature go here.


With the addition of eBooks to the Blogging for Books program, we are now able to invite bloggers from around the world to participate in the program. If you live outside the U.S. you are open to participate and will be able to choose from a variety of books in eBook format only.


Q: I don't have an eReader, can I still read eBooks?

A: Yes. You can download Adobe Digital Editions to read eBooks on your mac or pc

Q: Are you phasing our printed review copies?

A: No. That said, with 7,500 bloggers now participating in the program, print books will now be offered only to those bloggers with minimum review rankings of at least 25 (or more depending on the title). This is the only way we can ensure that printed books get into the hands of the most active bloggers. Remember, we are now giving away free books (at random) to those that rank your reviews. You can learn more about this on our Facebook discussion here.

Q: I'm having trouble getting the eBook on my Kindle via Edelweiss.

A: Please add "" (no quotes) to your approved senders list under your "Manage Your Kindle" section on at

Then click on “Personal Document Settings” in the left side of the page.

Then click on “Add a new approved e-mail address”

Then add “@abovethetreeline” (no quotes) and click on “add address”

Once you’ve done this, go back to the email you received from Edelweiss and go through the process again to download the eBook. Give Amazon 10-15 minutes...sometimes it takes them a little bit to transfer the file to your computer. Be sure to have your wireless turned on to download the file. It won’t transfer it if you’re using 3G (or if you’re using 3G it might charge you)

Q: I'm having issues loading the eBook to my Nook, mobile phone or other eReading device. Help!

A: Please refer to the Edelweiss help section first. Still have issues, try the Blogging for Books discussion or email us.

Have another question not addressed here? Check our Blogging for Books Discussions on Facebook.

As always, thanks for participating in the Blogging for Books program!

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