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January 12, 2011

Dear Bloggers,

We're still catching up from Christmas break, which is why this email reaches you a little later than we would have liked to have sent it. That would you like to win an iPhone or a $50 Amazon Gift card? We're giving away both this month!

Here's how to enter:

Highest Ranked January Review
Have the highest overall ranking review in the month of January and you'll win an iPhone! Remember, you can keep track of how you stack up against others on the Blogging for Books Wall of Fame page. (View full contest rules)

Best Book Review - Fiction & Non-Fiction
Ashley & I will be choosing our favorite fiction review and our favorite non-fiction review that is posted in the month of January. We will be judging reviews based on the overall quality, use of embedded videos in the post, mentions of chapter 1 downloads and whether or not you direct people to buy the book (hint: you get brownie points if you send people to more than just one retailer to buy the book!)

Get Code - Help Us Help You :)

Soooo, there's this really cool piece we included in the new Blogging for Books program (at least we're pretty excited about it!). It's called the "Get Code."

When you post a review you can click on "Manage Reviews" in the top right corner of the Blogging for Books site. On this page is a list of your reviews along with a "Get Code" for each review. The "Get Code" is a feature that is (supposed) to allow you to embed the ability to have your review ranked on your own blog or web site. It's a tool designed to help you get your reviews ranked more frequently and thus win cool stuff.

So here is my question: Have any of you successfully implemented the Get Code feature? If so, will you email us at

If you haven't gotten it to work...hang in there...we're working with our developers to get this tool functioning better.

Thanks for being a part of Blogging for Books!

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Ashley Boyer
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