Challenge old assumptions to build a more fulfilling relationship with God
In Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, trusted Bible teacher Larry Osborne confronts ten commonly held beliefs that are not only false, but dangerous. They’re the urban legends of today’s church: widely accepted, rarely questioned—and capable of sabotaging genuine faith. Fortunately, behind each misconception hides a powerful truth that has the potential to lead readers to spiritual freedom, maturity, and dramatic personal change.

On Sale: 4/21/2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-60142-150-0 • $13.99
10 Dumb Things by Larry Osborne
Spirituality for the Rest of Us
In Spirituality for the Rest of Us, Larry Osborne shows seekers how to leave limiting formulas behind to discover their own path to a fulfilling relationship with God. Along the way he helps them to think differently in vital areas including what it really means to know God, why linear isn’t the only way to grow, and why God loves “average” people too. Previously titled A Contrarian’s Guide to Knowing God, this re-release contains a previously unpublished study guide.

On Sale Date: 4/21/09
ISBN-13: 978-1-60142-219-4 • $13.99
Larry Osborne About Larry Osborne
•  Senior pastor of the multi-campus North Coast Church
       in Vista, California, recognized as one of the ten
       most influential churches in America

•  A pioneer in the multi-site and sermon-based small
      group movements

•  Founder of the North Coast Training Network

•  Highly sought-after consultant for business and
       ministry leaders worldwide

•  Respected author and speaker

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