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How the Current WaterBrook Church eCommece System Works



-If I do not have an account, I can quickly set one up. That said, there are a few shortcomings in this part of the process including the following

1) There is a tax exempt box, but no instructions on how to upload my 501C3 document as a PDF or word doc (or insturctions on how to fax this in or email this in at a later date). We need to have clearer instructions here and this part of the process needs to load directly to the team at PRH who will attach this to the account. We should also make it clear that tax will be applied and then refunded once the paperwork goes through successfully.

2) What if I already have an account and know my account number? Provide a check box that says, "I already have a PRH account number, please attach my account to this record." --- and then also provide an optional box that allows them to type in and submit their account number or perhaps check another box that says, "I do not know my account number, but I know I have one. Please lookup my account number using my name, email address, and mailing address on this order."