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How the Current WaterBrook Church eCommece System Works



-My account section

-Nice to be able to view orders and check on tracking info.

-Also nice in the order tracking section that I can cancel an order directly from my account.

-Need to have a section in here that shows the discount structure for the church/non-profit organization.

-Note that I cannot store my credit card information. I need to put this in every time I order. This is not a good UX for the customer, especially for secretaries and admins that are placing orders for pastors. If they do not have the card handy, they will either have to interrupt the pastor to get it, or even worse, call them if they are out of town. This is a huge obstacle for repeat purchasers.

-Important to note that I never received a confirmation email from the eCommerce system regarding my order. It did not go into spam, either.

-eCommerce platform is not responsive for mobile and tablet devices.