“It's a thriller, a whodunit, and an adventure...”

Thomas J. Craughwell’s newest book, St. Peter’s Bones, is being hailed as a saintly Indiana Jones-style adventure, with archeological mystery, historical intrigue, and contemporary relevance. Now that the Vatican has decided to display the relics of St. Peter to the public for the first time in history, this adventure story has become a personal one for Catholics around the world, as well.

In 1448 a team of architects and engineers brought Pope Nicholas V unhappy news: the 1,100-year-old Basilica of St. Peter suffered from so many structural defects that it was beyond repair. The only solution was to pull down the old church - one of the most venerable churches in all of Christiandom - and erect a new basilica on the site.

Then in 1939, while reconstructing the grottoes below St. Peter's Basilica, a workman's shovel struck not dirt or rock but open air. After inspecting what could be seen through the hole they'd made in the mausoleum's roof, Pope Pius XII secretly authorized a full-scale excavation. What lay beneath? The answer - and the adventure - await.

In this riveting account history, facts, traditions, and faith collide to reveal the investigation, betrayals, and mystery behind St. Peter's burial place.

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